Monday, March 1, 2010

La Femme Nikita Movie Review

La Femme Nikita

     La Femme Nikita was written and directed by Luc Besson and released in 1990. The film is told through the French language along with English subtitles. In this film, Nikita is a junky who seems to have joined a gang of deranged men. While robbing a medical store for pills that could get them high, the police show up and open fire on the gang. Nikita survived, but in severe drug withdrawal, loses her mind for a moment and shoots a cop in the head. She is taken into custody by the police and put on trial to which she is sentenced to death. After she is euthanized, she wakes up in a white room, alive but disoriented. A man appears to her and informs her that the death was all an act and that he wants to train her to become a spy for the government. Nikita is trained in karate, beauty, dancing, speak, technology, and weapons, and is eventually let into the real world to live, but ultimately serve the government should they need her for a mission. Shortly after moving into an apartment, she meets a clerk at a grocery store and falls in love with him. The rest of the film tells their life together while Nikita does missions for the government and the struggle she endures both mentally and emotionally.

     The biggest themes in La Femme Nikita are the power of females, violence, corruption, and love. I think this film was trying to show that women aren’t the weak people that some men perceive them to be. Nikita was able to beat and kill men better than most of the henchmen or male agents could. As her beauty instructor pointed out, never underestimate a woman’s charm and beauty. Another obvious theme in this film is violence. There were so many bullets flying, punches throwing, and explosions that it could keep any action buff happy. Corruption, another central theme, can be seen in the way that the government works – fooling the public into believing something and then having that person knocked off when it seems most beneficial. The last theme I notices was love. Nikita was able to fall in love with the man training her, as well as the man she would eventually marry and go to Paris with. However, this may because no one has ever been nice to Nikita and she may not have known love before.

     I thought this film was pretty good. I had some idea of how it would progress because I’ve seen the American television series and bits and pieces of the American remake. I think that Le Femme Nikita is much better than Point of No Return. I liked the blue haze to the film and the music that accompanied it. The movie really did make me feel for Nikita and want everything to work out for her. The only thing I didn’t like was the abrupt end to the film. The scene with the freak out and then breaking into the man’s house was too fast and forced. This was another great film to watch and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an old action movie.

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